The Fortitude – 10 Most Popular New Home Designs

The fortitude 10 most popular new home designs 10

Fortitude, South Coast of Ireland – One of the Most Popular New Home Designs

Fortitude, on the south coast of County Limerick in Ireland, is one of the most popular new home designs for sale in Ireland. This house located on The Fortitude Peninsula, surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, mountains, and rolling green countryside.

The Fortitude has described as being the most popular new home designs for sale in Ireland

This due to the location, which is well located with excellent road access and is well-suited to coastal and inland living. The beauty of the landscape surrounding the house creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for any homeowner.

The Fortitude is situated just north of the town of Dungarpodem

For those who are looking for a house that is close to the sea, the house itself is a great choice. When traveling to Dungarpodem, it recommended that you take public transport into the town or take a car ferry out to the coast. There is enough space around the house to set up a home office or an extension for those looking for a relaxed rural lifestyle.

The Fortitude ideally situated for either walking or leisurely outdoor activities. It has a variety of trails to suit even the most enthusiastic walker—there paths leading off the main road which provide some excellent activity for children and adults alike.

The house is a state of the contemporary art home and well-suited to indoor and outdoor life. The property well designed with open floor plans and a central living area to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. When considering your new home designs, it is essential to remember that the options are endless.

A typical Fortitude living room consists of two large windows overlooking the surrounding landscape. A double-height overhead entertainment screen provides a view of the garden and waterfront. The kitchen offers an island with a built-in island counter. An extensive breakfast bar creates additional storage space for stoves and food.

Porticos are standard in new homes for sale

These are similar to traditional Moroccan style parlors with the added benefit of being easily adaptable to modern times. They offer a more private environment with well-placed views and large windows to enjoy the local wildlife.

These are just a few examples of some of the new home designs for sale available in Ireland. Whatever your preferences and needs, the options are almost limitless.